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18 Years of Scars

Trigger warning: self-harm   When I was twenty, my parents got divorced, my father remarried, and I gained a sister and a brother.  Those were all good things (yes, even the divorce).  The big change happened in April of that … Continue reading

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The Letter

Years ago, when I was going through a fairly deep depression, a friend wrote me a letter.  It consisted of things that I would never have to go through and how much better off I had it than others.  It … Continue reading

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Therapy Thursday 9.13.18

Welcome to the first ever Therapy Thursday.  It’s where I’m going to talk about mental health issues.  I have personal knowledge, but we all have our own experience. Things that I talk about on here you may have more personal … Continue reading

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Writing a Book?

So, I’ve been thinking for a couple of years now about writing an autobiography dealing with my mental illness.  The seed was put into my head by one of my psychiatrists in 2012, since I remember vividly so much that … Continue reading

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Sleep Problems

Well, yesterday it was at 5am and today at 2am… the times I woke up for the day.  It’s really very frustrating to me considering the cocktail of meds I take before I go to bed that should knock out … Continue reading

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